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This is some of the more beautiful and intricate art work I have ever seen. I have always had a soft spot for Porcelain work, it has a delicacy and elegance about it which is belied by its permanance. The newer art I have seen made from porcelain tends to the morbid, interesting side of life; as if this beautiful material needs to be opposed in some way.

Kate MacDowell has combined these opposites exquisitely, creating work that at first is incredibly beautiful and stark and then with further viewing, gratuitous detail is found. Trying to find a favourite to give an example in this post was too difficult, there is no favourite. So I add more!

Porcelain Rabbit


“I hand sculpt each piece out of porcelain, often building a solid form and then hollowing it out.  Smaller forms are built petal by petal, branch by branch and allow me the chance to get immersed in close study of the structure of a blossom or a bee.  I chose porcelain for its luminous and ghostly qualities as well as its strength and ability to show fine texture.  It highlights both the impermanence and fragility of natural forms in a dying ecosystem, while paradoxically, being a material that can last for thousands of years and is historically associated with high status and value.  I see each piece as a captured and preserved specimen, a painstaking record of endangered natural forms and a commentary on our own culpability. “
Kate MacDowell

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