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Shana James is  West Australian Artist; I specify place as there are many people who do not realise that Australia has a West, nor that it is actually inhabitable and inhabited. That said; her work is beautiful. I have had a thing for prints and linocuts since high school, where we were forced to hack out these goofy pictures on wobbly tiles with blunt-clay filled tools. There is something odd about a print, the reverse of what you wish to show, blocky and ungainly, yet precise and often detailed. It is an earthy process, painstaking and gritty. The finished product showing little of the process or effort.

Growing Girl (With Trees)

Growing Girl (With Trees)

Shana James’ work is, I guess, all of this plus the ethereal adjectives of innocence and beauty. I first came across her work whilst looking for examples of artist’s books, the books instantly grabbed me.

Thinking Differently

Thinking Differently

In the morass of complex and technical, James’ work shone through with simplicity and character. There is so much personality in these books, knowing little of James herself I can not tell if it is her personality or that of her characters, but the peace and calm emanating from each page makes me want one. And one for everyone I know.

Altruism and Acquiescence

Altruism and Acquiescence

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  1. Nice post Penny. In a fast paced and shiny world printmaking effects really stand out. If only there was time….
    If you ever do get time I would highly recommend the murwillumbah community printmakers. They are a great bunch of people (especially if you like eccentric types) generally very helpful and supportive if you want to do any printmaking.

  2. Months later…just found your post by chance…. Thank you for your positive comments, for me art is about communication and connection. It is so encouraging to read your interpretaions of my work. Life is a continuous process of reflective play.


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