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Fashionable Stationery

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Stationery includes materials such as paper, office supplies, writing tools, glue, and pencil cases.

Stationery has taken many turns in the last decade. With shops such as Smiggle and Kikki K opening in Australia, stationery has now become a fashionable collectable item, far from the traditional BIC ball point pens. A lot of stationery has become more artistic in design and colour.


Kikki-KIngrid & Friends Stationary Collection

Kikki-KWinter Landskap Stationery collection





Stationery from:



Etsy Stationery:

Pencils from MissIsa

Paperclips from Stationery Obession

Woodgrain Stationary Writing Set From Ashley Pahi

Hand Draw Moleskine Sketchbook from Danny Brito

Thanks to Roxy Coppen for this guest post. Click here to view her website and other blog posts.

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  1. The first time i saw kikki.k store in singapore, i walk into it right away. and spend like almost 2 hours just adoring their cute lil books, cards, stickers and just about everything else on every shelfs they got.

    Creative shop. I like it!


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