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I found this guys work whilst looking into Outsider Art. I’m not one for labels and putting things in boxes and Outsider art is one of those labels I find unnecessary, but I understand. Brady is a brilliant artist, regardless of anything else.

The colours and tones he uses are telling of the way he sees the world and evocative of the way his brain works as well as the places he paints.

As far as I can tell, the difference between Outsider art and mainstream art, is that somehow, mainstream artists managed to stick it through years of education. They are no more sane, healthy, reasonable or talented than the uneducated, but they could probably write you an essay about why Van Gogh was great. I personally dont need to know that about artists I admire, anymore than I need to know whether they can fix a car or ride a unicycle. If a person is talented, and this man obviously is, then it is enough. His work is beautiful, and a little scary.

I keep finding a favourite, only to find another 3 seconds later.

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  1. elaine bienholz

    Just love this guy’s work – I have been following his journey for many years and would just love everyone to recognise the raw talent and gentleness of not only his work but his spirit and compassion for others.

  2. I involuntarily had to think of Pink Floyd: The Wall when I saw those pictures – invountarily. Are any associations we have voluntary? Scary and inspiring. I think I like this artist, too!


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