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Sonia King is an amazing artist.

Note: Artist. Not Mosaic Artist.

Why specify? This person, has phenomenal talent.

And anyway, mosaic is just for flower pots, swimming pools and old stuff. Right?

I love mosaic to be honest. Persian architecture is among the most beautiful and ornate in the world. Until today, I had never seen anything like this. This is modern, abstract, moving, evocative and many other adjectives.


It is somehow reminiscent of Gustav Klimt, maybe Picasso, perhaps a little Miro?

The colours are perfect, the composition amazing.

This may not please the modern hipster, but by jove, this is the original wall art. Pay attention.



Sonia King Website

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  1. Many thanks for the kind words! I’m sharing on my Facebook mosaic page 🙂
    Kind regards, Sonia


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