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It is so very frustrating when we find something we love only to discover that it is no more.

Born Magazine retired in 2011. I am years too late.

But their archives are still available. Thank the stars.

A project designed to connect writers and artists, Born Magazine started in the early days of the web. For 15 years, they pulled together art of all types in beautiful collaborations of genius and inspiration.

Daniel Morgan

I posted a few days back about a poem/web art piece called ‘Why Stay Up Late?’. This was the first work I found from this archive site. I haven’t managed to look at everything yet, but over time I will. I’m pacing myself so I don’t miss anything!

Amy Newman

Alberto Cerriteno

I love ‘Dhaka Dust’ for its poetry, but I think, mostly because it is visually mesmerizing. The text and the visuals work so well together.

Dilruba Ahmed

Dilruba Ahmed

Anyone interested in words and art should definitely spend some time on this site.

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