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Mooi Weer

Eko Nugroho is a phenomenal artist. He works in so many mediums, all the mediums, he is mediumtastic. He is a painter, an embroiderer, a sculptor, a performance artist, a street artist, a shadow puppet artist, an artist book artist. He does it all.

Shit Wrong Party Again – embroidery

Born in 1977 in Yogyakarta Indonesia, he studied painting at the Indonesian Art institute and began his massive art career at the height of the ‘Reformasi’, with exhibitions and ‘artist in residence’ terms in Germany, France, USA, Finland, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, China, The Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia and elsewhere. I don’t normally rattle off lists like this, but kudos to the guy. Most famous/popular artists don’t get constant demand like this.

Invasion 2 – embroidery

Eko Nugroho‘s work combines high art with street art and whilst his work has been labeled low brow, I say ptthh to that.  I’m pretty sure that the term lowbrow is the new way to say that you don’t understand art. Just because it can go on a t-shirt (or a scarf)  doesn’t make it less relevant. Monet’s have been on postcards since the get-go.

Louis Vuitton Scarf

Artists who work and get paid are valid. If you put art on a piece of clothing, you are not a sellout .


I love this guys stuff because it is off beat. He uses traditional and not so traditional styles and mediums. His colours are amazing and vivid and his subject matter could be construed as flippant or deeply immersed in his culture. I would put this on my wall. But maybe only one piece. More than that might be garish?

Temoin Hybride – installation

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