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I couldn’t find much information about this guy apart from a couple of interviews, so I know that he spends a lot of time in South America and he surfs. But no titles or descriptions and not much about why he paints and why the subject choice. I always want to know why hot young artists paint saggy old people. Don’t get me wrong, I love saggy old people, but why do other artists love them?

Christiaan Conradie is a relatively young artist (meaning that I’m pretty sure he’s younger than me) from South Africa. He didn’t go to Art School, which I always approve of, and he has a background in advertising and design, which I also approve of. He may now continue with his life knowing that I approve.

I love the texture of the work, the different media and the unfinished scribbled look around the edges. I find the self control fascinating, how does one choose to stop when a piece is blatantly unfinished? I can’t do it. 

Some of Christiaan Conradie’s work reminds me of Ben Quilty, slabby and brisk, bright colours, but somehow more fresh.  

The drawing below, is beautiful, ephemeral, moving and totally just a sketch. But if the guy can do this with a simple sketch, he is capable of some amazing stuff.

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