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‘I don’t want to shed my skin’

Stephen Homewood is a contemporary artist from Mackay in Queensland. He uses many mediums and paints with his fingers.

I first found Stephen Homewood‘s work on an ‘Outsider Art’ website. On his own website, there is no mention of this, which I appreciate. We are not the groups we affiliate with, nor the titles we are given.

I look to ‘Outsider Art’ because I find that it is the most open and raw art there is. Damien Hirst might be the bees knees, but to be frank and earnest, his work bores the shit out of me.

Australian Landscape

Stephen Homewood’s work is figurative in the main. His treatment of the subjects can appear tortured and disfigured. But a second look shows more, the lack of gravity. Semi erotic figures are bent backwards, hands clawed, eyes watering. This work lacks the social constraints and consumerist necessities of a shark in formaldehyde. There is so much freedom in Stephen‘s art, it is both beautiful and confronting.

I  love this work, particularly the pieces which are strong on the ink. The unforgiving black and white appeals to me.

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