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I adore ceramics, I always want new bowls, new useless thimbles and Japanese teacups. There is so much beauty in the practicality and impracticality of a functional form.

Mel Robson Ceramics


Mel Robson is a ceramic artist from Brisbane, Australia currently based in Alice Springs.

‘I make functional and non-functional objects out of porcelain. I’m obsessed by road maps, recipes, sewing patterns and handwriting. Really obsessed.”

She has shown her work all over. Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, South Korea, Utah, Kentucky. And has been in as many publications.

Mel Robson

I know next to nothing about ceramics, but I did read the terms ‘slip cast’ and ‘ceramic decals’, which sounds like technical terms for she makes stuff out of clay and puts stuff on it.

Whatever it is that she does, she does it beautifully. Some of it is a  little too ‘etsy’ for my art loving brain. But don’t get me wrong, I haven’t seen anything she does which I wouldn’t buy.

It is all beautiful and so skillfully executed.

Her designs are created using original designs and hand drawings, as well as imagery sourced from old photographs, maps, recipes, personal letters, vintage fabrics and wallpapers”

Or like these, pages from her sketch books.


Or these, possibly my favourites, decorated with recipes or poems from the women in her family.

I always have been a sucker for the written word.


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