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I dont normally do the copy-paste thing, but I love the way this guy has written his own bio. From the website of Aditya Novali “Aditya Novali was born in Solo,in 1978. He started his artistic career at the young age of 7 as dalang cilik or the child puppet master and making his way even to the Presidential Palace. While other children were busy with their school and classes, he divided his time between his study and paintings. It was then at the age of 14, he had his own ever solo exhibition at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta. But later he decided to take Architecture major as his study in the Parahyangan University, instead of Arts, since it gives him a new opportunity to approach his art works in wider perspective. It was the same reason when he decided to pursue his further study at Conceptual Design in Design Academy Eindhoven. His works are often “playful” combining design in his artworks. The results are various series in diverse media. He combines not only an exploration of painting in its technique but also the functionality of the works. Thinking as a trained designer – due to his educational background – his approach to his works creating a realm of playfulness, socio-political criticism as well as invitation to the audience engagement. In many of his recent series, he often featured urban life and its paradox as his subject matters. Combining his innovative concept of rotatable artwork and critic toward the reality of urban life, his work also exhibited the influence of his architectural background. The paradoxs of urban life seems to resume his latest series.”           Also a first, I don’t generally post work which is gory or macabre. Don’t get me wrong, I love a zombie movie, it’s just that most gory art work seems puerile and childish. This work however, appeals. I don’t know why. The reason I was first drawn to this artist was the Design- like quality to his art. Finding that he studied architecture seemed a matter of course.  I love the eclectic yet grandiose structures, the monochrome palette and the stark shadows. This work is both beautiful and bizarre.


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