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Kasa Vinay Kumar

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self Overlapping (my Father ), 2010



Born in Chennai 1979, Kasa Vinay Kumar is  modern artist from India whose work is like a collage graffiti. Using Mixed Media, he captures urban landscapes with all their grit and glamour.

Self overlapping B

To be completely honest, with an artist such as this, with very little internet presence, it is near impossible to find out anything of interest! Or even if the artist is an actual artist or just some guy who glues random stuff on a bit of paper and tries to flog it over the net.$98

Self Overlapping 36

Having said that, I did find info that this particular artist has participated in several exhibitions with other notable artists of the region. So we must assume that he takes himself seriously.

Other peoples opinions aside, I like this guys art.

It’s clunky, scrappy and his colour use is brilliant. I love the cats. Love. And I don’t even like cats that much.

I wouldn’t put it on my wall, but I know people who would.

Self overlapping T & J–746422.html


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