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Aside from everything else, I love this work.


That being said. I know this amazing person. Well, I did in another life. You know that one where you are small and dirty and you hang out with another small dirty for 5 minutes and you are blood brothers for life? Yeah well, when I was a kid, and she was a kid, we went camping together. And although I have zero stake in this amazing person, or her life, I feel proud that someone I met a few times, has become such a successful artist.

Proscenium Machinium
Solo exhibition at Gallery 9,

I knew that Jade had been studying Art and was thrilled to find her work in the Wollongong Gallery. Even more so when I found that she was artist in residence! An amazing artist who started young, she has now completed 3 residencies and bucket-loads of exhibitions all over the country. How to make a person feel slack!

paper, fabric, wood, mixed media, installation of 28 sculptures 1-2m high.
Exhibited in IT’S PAINTING SO IT MUST BE GERMAN at Silvershot, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, curated by Peter Fay.
The Ergas Collection, Sydney.

The first time I saw Jade’s work, it was a small exhibit of a miniature cityscape made from reused books and newspaper. It was elegant and sweet and cute and delicate and a little eerie. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any images of it. Plenty of others though, so no need to fret.

The Lacunary Cabinet (detail).
Paper, beeswax, coffee, ink, various adhesives, textiles, plant materials, wire, mixed media, 2007.
Part of Open For Inspection, a ‘derelict house converted to a work of art.’
Produced over two weeks as ‘The Long Now’ resident artist in Nowa Nowa, East Gippsland, with the assistance of the local community and Rhiannon Pegler.

I always love an artist who can use what they find rather than the traditional artistic media. It shows a level of invention and creation which I admire and envy. It also fits in with the current conscience of our society, reuse, reduce, recycle. At least, that’s what I hope our societal conscience looks like.

Exhibition at completion of a one year residency at Wollongong City Gallery

Perhaps Jade’s work reflects my own penchant for all things bizarre and weird creepy little guys, but I feel like this is the work I would love to have made. The colours are all the earthy simple colours which I love to work with. It allows the personality of the paper to come through. Especially when you use old books. I have ethical issues chopping up old books, but I love it when other people do it. One of my favourite things about old books is the inside front cover. People write the most interesting things. Often it’s pretty standard, ‘to blah, from blah’, but occasionally you get a real idea of the person who owned the book before.

Exhibition at completion of a one year residency at Wollongong City Gallery


I think that I love Jade’s work because I could own a piece. I don’t have the room or the type of pets which would allow me to own big pieces of sculpture. I can, however, find smaller, intimate things which reflect my lifestyle (and budget)  and which aren’t pretentious- I do hark on about my hatred of the shark in a tank, but, well, it’s ridiculous.

Proscenium Machinium
Solo exhibition at Gallery 9,

She has an amazing Flikr stream which I can’t share here but I urge you to go look, it is inspiring stuff.

She also has an old Blog – is not up to date but the images are still magnificent!

As far as I can tell she is between websites at the moment so there is an old address and a new- . Just don’t ask me which is which.


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