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Girl II
Description: oil on linen

I recently visited my local gallery to view the ‘Border Art Prize’. So much bamf. However, there are some amazing local artists in my area, Craig Parnaby is one. The style is not one I generally like, but this guy brings something to the simplicity which is more than charming and endearing. Maybe it’s because I see these people everyday and he captures them perfectly, these characters all frequent my local beach.

I take my dogs to a beach almost identical to this,

I dodge these people when I’m trying to find a park,

and this is totally me at the beach.

The images are all so amazingly serene. The way a beach should be. Even when it is filled with people. The colours are, somehow, very Australian, the warmth perhaps, and the poses of the people too, are somehow Australian. I’m not sure what makes a person look more Australian than not, maybe the casual way we wander around in swimmers? Craig Parnaby lives on the North Coast of NSW, Australia and has been exhibiting around the country for 15 years. According to his bio, his shows are often sold out and he has a waiting list. Oh, I dream of having a waiting list! His 20 years living in Bondi obviously left a permanent imprint, but I can see less of the city aspect and more of the holiday mode ie. the North Coast.

With Dad
oil on linen
70 x 60 cm

There is an element of timelessness to all of his works. There is no particular fashion to the swimwear or the hairstyles to denote a particular era and the activities are the same whether you are from the generation before me or after me. The painting ‘With Dad’ could be me and my dad, him and his dad, my kids and their dad. There is a common ground for everyone who looks at the picture.

I have no idea whether this talented and skillful man actually won any awards at the show, but judges are fickle so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything anyway. But I was drawn back to his painting several times, so it’s a win for me. And I would definitely put all of these on my wall, if I had enough wall.


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