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Jade Pegler


A mixed media artist from the NSW city of Wollongong. her site here

Judy Barrass

Judy Barrass – Sedge

Judy Barrass is an artist and sculptor from Queensland, Australia. Her work includes but is not restricted to some stunning examples of artists books.

Judy Barrass – Thursday Morning

Judy Barrass is an active member of the ‘PaperMakers of Queensland’.

Judy Barrass – This land is your land, this land is my land.

“This land is your land, this land is my land”  is held in the Australian Library of Art, State Library of Queensland.

Judy Barrass

“She also works as a new media artist under the name ‘Juanita Deharo’, but these identities now often collide as new technologies enter her traditional practice and tradition enters her new media works.”

Judy Barrass – Patterns

Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer

Dennis Yuen


Rapunzel. © Dennis Yuen 2009.

Whit Dots – Dennis Yuen

Judith Hoffman

In my Dreams We travel in Boats – Judith Hoffman


Flower Vision 3 – Elsita

Flower Vision 1 – Elsita

Shana James

What She Wears – Shana James


“Obras Escogidas (Selected Works) is a ship constructed with some of the schoolbooks that I used, books that could have been used by any Cuban of my generation or the generation before mine. And what Obras Escogidas tries to make visible is the idea of social structure which always remains hidden. It is like putting skin on something that doesn’t have skin. Many people look at this work and only see books on Marxism and say the piece is about politics. But there are also natural science books, math and geography books. It is a work that talks about universal literature and the mix of ideas in formation.”
–Kcho, 1997

Obras Escogidas (Selected Works)

Obras Escogidas (Selected Works)

Catriona Stamp

“The aim is to make people aware of, or to reframe, connections between places, times and events, and to create opportunities for people to embed new associations and perceptions in their memories of a particular environment.”
‘Signs of Christmas'

Catriona Stamp – ‘Signs of Christmas’

“The book form allows me to explore many themes, ranging from the personal and social to the ecological, from dream and myth to journeys through the landscape. I love combining the magic of words with the immediacy and tangibility of pictures, in the unfolding series of pages, which is the nature of books.”

Catriona Stamp – Sacred Trees

Catriona Stamp – Beachcombing

Jo Gomez

Jo Gomez – Untitled

Katherine Ng

Katherine Ng – Fortune Ate Me

“The majority of my work reflects my bi-cultural upbringing in a Chinese American family. This is evident in the text and structure of my first artist book Banana Yellow and my third artist book, Fortune Ate Me. In there books, my anecdotal text becomes incorporated into structures that emphasize a stereotype of my ethnicity – Chinese take-out boxes and fortune cookies. …..Much of my work is created by limiting myself to whatever materials are available. My interest in printed matter and origami began at a young age and continues to grow as I explore various book structures. Recently, I have returned to a childhood favorite toy, Legos, to create accordion books. My first Lego books were created Thanksgiving weekend 2000. Ironically, the first accordion Lego book that I produced My First Book of Vowels, is a study of text. So whether I handset type, or create it with Lego – type – in one form or another, will always be some part of my image.”

Katherine Ng – Spirit Vessel

“Spirit Vessels are a series of books that are shaped like gourds and woven from paper strips of text that document the use of the gourd and its symbolism in the African, Asian, and South American cultures.”
Katherine Ng

Katherine Ng

Noriko Ambe

Noriko Ambe – “Artists who make pieces, Artists who do books” (detail)

Noriko Ambe – Art Victims : Damien Hirst

“Using the five senses, perceiving the natural qualities of the materials, I found that I am concerned less about the end, and more about “doing”. The process of creating is equally as important as the finished work.”
Noriko Ambe - A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.5

Noriko Ambe – A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.5

Scott Trevelyan

Scott Trevelyan – SEN 97

“A human head collides with a tree at 140km/hr. Memories are erased by the impact.
I used printmaking to represent my experience of the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) I suffered in a high-speed motorcycle accident. “

Susie Grant

From this site –

Susie Grant-Suspended Animation, 2010, pinned collage with 1930’s encyclopedia illustrations, 5″ x 5″



Janet Jones


Palus (marsh) Encaustic bookcover asemblage on birch panel with hand lettering 9″” x 9″ x 2″

“These elegant and tonal landscapes are assemblages made from the used and aged covers of books. Jones searches for those that have some history – tears, signs of wear, discoloration.
By dipping them in wax and carefully placing them on birch panels, she is able to evoke a timeless and moody landscape A setting, perhaps for a story in a book”
From this site –



Aureus (golden, radiant) Encaustic book cover asemblage on birch panel with hand lettering, painted disk and diamond 9″ x 9″ x 2″


 Mel Robson

Mel Robson’s work should not, technically, be classed as an artist book. But it’s my blog!



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Pima College

Walker Art Centre

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