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Alex Gillies

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I have just ventured into the field of printmaking. Who knows how long it will last? I might be absolutely shit at it!

As is my usual process, I have begun the laborious job of research. I have read books, looked at pictures and trawled the web. What I have found is that there are a bucket load of abysmal printmakers out there. Some are skilled but boring, some are interesting but sloppy, many are old fashioned or just old. Two of the women in my ‘group’ have explained that printmaking is considered a craft by many people. Particularly collagraphy, which is where I’m headed.

Anyway, I digress.

Title: Permanence
Year: 2013
Size: 29 x 39cm
Edition: Open

In my trawling I happened upon a young man who’s work I rather like. Bizarrely he lives only a couple of hours drive from me. It’s a small world.

Alex Gillies is a woodcut artist who creates single pieces, woodcuts as the art themselves, artist books and he is the drummer for the band ‘No Anchor’.

Title: Balancing Act
Year: 2013
Size: 58cm x 61cm
Edition: Open

A self taught artist, he learned from books and experimentation. A man after my own heart. He has created album art for his own and other bands, t-shirts, skateboard decks and images for tattoos. He started exhibiting in 2009 and has already outstripped many established artists in number of exhibitions and quantity of work.

Harmony Singles
Cover Art Alex Gillies

I really like his choice of subject matter.There is something quite tedious about the subject matter of many printmakers – trees and fauna and bugs and flowers and trees and landscapes and trees and to be fair Mr Gillies does venture into the ‘birds and sunsets’ cadre a little, but mostly he carves what he wants.

Title: This Is How Memories Are Made
Released: May 2013
Details: 16 Page hand bound, hardcover book. Includes an exclusive woodcut.
Edition: 20

I love the framing of his work and the focus of the image. And his colour! I find that printmaking is such a purist art form that mixing colours is frowned upon. Bollocks. Rules are meant to be broken. And it’s art for fucks sake, there shouldn’t be any rules anyway.

Title: Death Rides A Horse
Year: 2008
Size: 40cm x 35cm
Edition: 2

Did I mention the artist books?

Title: Luddite (Woodcuts By Alex Gillies 2009 – 2010)
Released: June 2010
Details: 16 Page double concertina book.
Handbound plus exclusive woodcut
Edition: 20 (sold out)

I think that I might have a small crush. Seriously. And he likes Durer! I’m definitely going to hang out in Brisbane more often.


Kasa Vinay Kumar

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self Overlapping (my Father ), 2010



Born in Chennai 1979, Kasa Vinay Kumar is  modern artist from India whose work is like a collage graffiti. Using Mixed Media, he captures urban landscapes with all their grit and glamour.

Self overlapping B

To be completely honest, with an artist such as this, with very little internet presence, it is near impossible to find out anything of interest! Or even if the artist is an actual artist or just some guy who glues random stuff on a bit of paper and tries to flog it over the net.$98

Self Overlapping 36

Having said that, I did find info that this particular artist has participated in several exhibitions with other notable artists of the region. So we must assume that he takes himself seriously.

Other peoples opinions aside, I like this guys art.

It’s clunky, scrappy and his colour use is brilliant. I love the cats. Love. And I don’t even like cats that much.

I wouldn’t put it on my wall, but I know people who would.

Self overlapping T & J–746422.html

My Problem With Lowbrow Art

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Lowbrow, or lowbrow art,[1] describes an underground visual art movement that arose in the Los Angeles, California, area in the late 1970s. It is a populist art movement with its cultural roots in underground comix, punk music, and hot-rod cultures of the street. It is also often known by the name pop surrealism. Lowbrow art often has a sense of humor – sometimes the humor is gleeful, sometimes impish, and sometimes it is a sarcastic comment.[2]

Audrey Kawasaki
graphite and colored pencil on hand cut paper 12″x12″
Thinkspace Gallery “In the Wake of Dreams”

I have a list of artists on my wall, artists who inspire me, who’s work I find invigorating or memorable. Most of these artists are from the ‘Lowbrow’ section of the art community. Artists who are not taken seriously, who’s work is somehow not considered to be ‘high’ art. Artists who have the skill, the imagination, the sales and the brilliance and yet somehow lack the kudos. I don’t get it. Never have. It’s no shark in formaldehyde, but then, maybe that’s the problem.

Seonna Hong
Alone With You Mixed
Media on Wood, 60″ x 48″

Maybe the simplicity of ‘lowbrow’ art makes it too easy too understand. It’s a beautiful picture of a woman with a bird, or a scene from a zoo or a rabbit or a cartoon tiger. Nothing as ‘in depth’ as neon lights spelling out obtuse ideas. Why does our art have to be important or ground breaking or political? Why can it not be simple, entertaining and beautiful?

Tim Biskup
Cel-Vinyl Acrylic On Watercolor Paper3″ x 2.5″

Maybe it’s accessibility. A ‘serious’ artist would never stoop to adorn a shirt or screensaver with their art. The entire ‘lowbrow’ movement, however, found itself in exactly this manner. Magazines, skateboard decks, comics and album covers were/are the staple diet.

Mark Ryden
Oil on Canvas,
Painting Size: 10″ x 14″

What is the difference between this and Andy Warhol? Yayoi Kusama? Salvador Dali? Roy Lichtenstein? Is it simply that the ‘style’ has been done before? If an artist were to start painting the Holy trinity with cherubs and Rubenesque women, would they be considered ‘lowbrow’? Are landscapes ‘lowbrow’? What of tribal art?

James Jean
Graphite & Digital, 11 x 15″,

William Morris made wallpaper ‘Art’. Marcel Duchamp made a urinal ‘Art’. The Bauhaus movement made furniture ‘Art’. Marina Abramovic made sitting still ‘Art’.  Why can’t a comic book be art? I do understand that there is a line that should maybe be drawn somewhere. Maybe. But do you draw it above the mass prints from IKEA or below? What about kitsch? Those repulsive ‘crying clown’paintings? Macrame? Scrimshaw? I think that if Mark Rothko is ‘Art’, then so is Hentai. If Piero Manzoni’s shit is ‘Art’, then so is the mass print t’shirt I just bought from a chain store. The next time someone calls my art ‘lowbrow’ I might just punch them.

Gary Baseman
Signed and numbered 5-color silkscreen print. Edition of 300. Measures 12.5″ x 12.5″.

James Jean –

Gary Baseman -

Mark Ryden –

Tim Biskup –

Seonna Hong –

Audrey Kawasaki –

Aditya Novali

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I dont normally do the copy-paste thing, but I love the way this guy has written his own bio. From the website of Aditya Novali “Aditya Novali was born in Solo,in 1978. He started his artistic career at the young age of 7 as dalang cilik or the child puppet master and making his way even to the Presidential Palace. While other children were busy with their school and classes, he divided his time between his study and paintings. It was then at the age of 14, he had his own ever solo exhibition at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta. But later he decided to take Architecture major as his study in the Parahyangan University, instead of Arts, since it gives him a new opportunity to approach his art works in wider perspective. It was the same reason when he decided to pursue his further study at Conceptual Design in Design Academy Eindhoven. His works are often “playful” combining design in his artworks. The results are various series in diverse media. He combines not only an exploration of painting in its technique but also the functionality of the works. Thinking as a trained designer – due to his educational background – his approach to his works creating a realm of playfulness, socio-political criticism as well as invitation to the audience engagement. In many of his recent series, he often featured urban life and its paradox as his subject matters. Combining his innovative concept of rotatable artwork and critic toward the reality of urban life, his work also exhibited the influence of his architectural background. The paradoxs of urban life seems to resume his latest series.”           Also a first, I don’t generally post work which is gory or macabre. Don’t get me wrong, I love a zombie movie, it’s just that most gory art work seems puerile and childish. This work however, appeals. I don’t know why. The reason I was first drawn to this artist was the Design- like quality to his art. Finding that he studied architecture seemed a matter of course.  I love the eclectic yet grandiose structures, the monochrome palette and the stark shadows. This work is both beautiful and bizarre.

Mel Robson

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I adore ceramics, I always want new bowls, new useless thimbles and Japanese teacups. There is so much beauty in the practicality and impracticality of a functional form.

Mel Robson Ceramics


Mel Robson is a ceramic artist from Brisbane, Australia currently based in Alice Springs.

‘I make functional and non-functional objects out of porcelain. I’m obsessed by road maps, recipes, sewing patterns and handwriting. Really obsessed.”

She has shown her work all over. Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, South Korea, Utah, Kentucky. And has been in as many publications.

Mel Robson

I know next to nothing about ceramics, but I did read the terms ‘slip cast’ and ‘ceramic decals’, which sounds like technical terms for she makes stuff out of clay and puts stuff on it.

Whatever it is that she does, she does it beautifully. Some of it is a  little too ‘etsy’ for my art loving brain. But don’t get me wrong, I haven’t seen anything she does which I wouldn’t buy.

It is all beautiful and so skillfully executed.

Her designs are created using original designs and hand drawings, as well as imagery sourced from old photographs, maps, recipes, personal letters, vintage fabrics and wallpapers”

Or like these, pages from her sketch books.


Or these, possibly my favourites, decorated with recipes or poems from the women in her family.

I always have been a sucker for the written word.

Fashionable Stationery

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Stationery includes materials such as paper, office supplies, writing tools, glue, and pencil cases.

Stationery has taken many turns in the last decade. With shops such as Smiggle and Kikki K opening in Australia, stationery has now become a fashionable collectable item, far from the traditional BIC ball point pens. A lot of stationery has become more artistic in design and colour.


Kikki-KIngrid & Friends Stationary Collection

Kikki-KWinter Landskap Stationery collection





Stationery from:



Etsy Stationery:

Pencils from MissIsa

Paperclips from Stationery Obession

Woodgrain Stationary Writing Set From Ashley Pahi

Hand Draw Moleskine Sketchbook from Danny Brito

Thanks to Roxy Coppen for this guest post. Click here to view her website and other blog posts.

Yoann Lemoine

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This guy is a God of just about every creative genre there is. As he says

“…..mainly working as a film director in media such as video, 8 to 35mm film, 2D and 3D animation, Stop Motion, photography, illustration, painting, screen printing, sculpture, collage, knitting, holograms, and more… I’m a very curious person, constantly looking for avenues of expression that combine those different mediums.

Call me a do-it-yourselfer.”

I ran across his work first when I saw his filmclip for ‘Iron’. For this song/filmclip Lemoine sings, plays, directs, produces and is probably the owl too. As a musician, he goes by the name Woodkid.  It is one of the best filmclips I have seen in a while. The song is pretty fantastic too. When watching this clip, I advise bigify and loudify.

Lemoine has won awards all over for lots of stuff, the list is impressive for such a small time scale but I’m not going to go through it all – for details go here

Other film clips he has done are ‘Evergreen’- Axelle Renoir, ‘Mistake’-Moby,  ‘Teenage Dream’-Katy Perry, ‘Back to Decemaber’-Taylor Swift. As I am not a fan of the last 2, you can go watch them yourself, the clips are great, thats all I can say. ‘Evergreen’, on the other hand, is a beautiful song and a beautiful fimclip. As this one was created using and I am not particularly knowledgeable about this site/company, I have been unable to find out who, exactly the artist/s are. But it was directed by Lemoine.

For those of us who are hardcore internet followers, Lemoine’s film for the AIDS Awareness campaign, GRAFFITI, has been seen more than 10 million times on Youtube. This is one he won lots of awards for. It is probably not good for under 18’s though.

There is bucketloads of photography too, if you’re interested. Check out his site, its chock full of goodies. This is one guy worth keeping an eye on.

interview 1 –

interview 2 –

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