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My work, my art, in progress and finished.

Some Little Guys

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Ideas that just happen. There’s not much thought involved. Just whimsy.

SAMSUNGThere are no personal issues clouding my drawings, I am not having a pants party, nor am I growing a moustache. Although, I do think that I would look magnificent with one. But I am not ruling out any weird Freudian shit. Feel free to let me know what my deep seated problems are, it could be really interesting.



PS. I spelt moustache that way cos I wanted to. I also spelt spelt that way cos I wanted to. and cos.




It’s All About The Hugs

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Some typography stuff which will hopefully make it to my Society 6 page. Anytime now.

I do negative stuff a fair bit, so I thought maybe just something cute might buoy my mood! Still not finished but I keep at it a little at a time when I feel a little down.

Using my Micador ‘Stay Anywhere’ pen, which I love, but i have to admit, doesn’t stay quite everywhere I would like it to.


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Today I printed my first Intaglio-collograph-thingy-print-thing!

I love it!

I’ve been working on the series for a couple of weeks now, so seeing on panel printed is fantastic. And was quite nerve wracking during the final stages! This one is “Porcini Brined Turkey with Rosemary”. The series is a comment (or whatever) on the lack of native foods, particularly mushrooms, which we use in everyday cooking. In fact, the only native edible mushrooms I have found so far are called ‘blackfellas bread’, a name which leaves much to be desired for many reasons. Apparently, many aboriginal tribes consider the fungus family as a whole to be bad, so they steer clear. So, we don’t eat native mushrooms. Or native anything else really. I will continue to hunt down the Aussie mushie, I am quite happy to be wrong, in the meantime I will work on my second panel – ” Fiddleheads with Braised Rabbit and Morels”.SAMSUNG

Happiness is

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happiness is


Ogden Nash, American poet popular writer of light verse (1902-1971).

The second of  my typographical Christmas gifts.

I really enjoy this style of work, it is simple yet exacting.

Love is Being Stupid Together

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beingStupidTogether   Paul Valery, French poet and philosopher and might I add humorist? A Christmas present for family, the finished product. When finding a quote to turn into a typographical gift, I wade through baskets and barrels of options. This quote was perfect for it’s recipient!

All Art is Quite Useless

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I love a good Wilde quote. Particularly when he is both serious and cynical at the same time.

Venturing further into the field of typography, I have been working to create more work for my Society6 store.

There are framed prints, mugs, phone covers and laptop covers.

The Nature of Things

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the nature of things

A portion of the new piece I am working on. About 50cm x 80cm, this section is only a small amount compared to the many hundred more dots I have to go till I am finished! This tree, I am sad to say, I hate, I loathe. And it’s still not finished. I did think for several hours, that I might just cut that section off and pretend that it had never existed. But it’s getting there. Slowly. The sad thing is, that when the whole is done, no one will even notice the tree. Which is the point, I guess.

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