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Emma Walker

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Selected images from The Dawn Language,
Tweed River Gallery, 2010

This work has been one of my all time favourites since I first set eyes on it. And I have no idea why. There is just something about it, the colours, the darkness, the dreamlike cloudiness, I don’t know. I love it.

The odd thing is, when I researched the artist, Emma Walker, her work is nothing like this. I love her other stuff too, but it holds little similarity to this.

Walk The Line
Oil on linen

I love the chunkiness of this, overlaid with the finer lines it seems almost sculptural. There are colours I would never choose and a haphazard brushstroke which I will never have the dedication to master, but I find it absolutely mesmerising.

Selected images from Finding Form,
Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

“Her work explores the connections between landscape, memory and the subconscious”

Emma Walker is currently based on the NSW North Coast, but she started as a Sydney girl and has moved outward from there, exhibiting solo around Australia and in many group exhibitions both within Australia and internationally.

from Outliving The Night, 2008

As a child, Emma Walker managed to scoop Brett Whitely as a mentor and spent many hours in his Sydney studio, how can a person not become Australia’s favourite contemporary artist with that behind you? But her work is all her own, she brings so much depth to her painting, her skill is not to be doubted. And as a bonus here are some artists books she has done!

On the Wing
Paper, timber, ink, paint



I Wayan Sudarsana Yansen

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From Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia, I Wayan Sudarsana Yansen uses colour and form in a sumptuous abstraction of nature and philosophy.

Using oil on canvas, he utilizes his media to create a seemingly effortless pattern of detail and ambiguity. I love the way you can look at these works for hours, still finding something new with every glance. The black and whites with a splash of colour have to be my favorite.



As is the case so often with artists from the Asia/Pacific region, finding details about I Wayan Sudarsana Yansen is quite difficult.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future work and one day, when I am a millionaire, I will have one of these on my wall

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