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A truly international artist, G.R.Iranna has exhibited worldwide in both solo and group exhibitions. A mixed media artist, his work encompasses painting, video and sculpture. He is one of India’s most impressive and prolific contemporary artists with works selling all over the world.  Born in  Sindgi, Bijapur, Karnataka G.R. Iranna now lives and works in New Delhi.

Unlike some of the artists I find, G.R Iranna has a wealth of information available. Not only about him but his philosophies relating to his work. I will not recap everything I have found, but it is well worth a visit to his site to investigate more of his art and ideas.

This piece in particular, speaks to me. I didn’t look too hard to find G.R. Iranna’s break down of this one. It seems personal, I feel for the donkey, I understand her. It is political, spiritual and personal all at the same time.

In his works Iranna makes references to Nazi soldiers, footballers, depicts the dispossession of men due to 20th century genocides and imperialism.”

What did I learn today?

I learnt about the ‘Gurukul’ (a system of education where the student resides with the teacher). Our artist of the day spent part of his youth in such a situation. Why do we not have this concept? There is a similar system in Japan but seems to have been disposed of elsewhere. If this level of skill is the outcome, then we should definitely look at reinstating it.

While I like all of G.R. Iranna’s paintings, they have an element of serenity which I find quite beautiful, I find his sculpture absolutely riveting.

As gory or gratuitous as you may find this, it is still an amazing artwork. So simple and yet so compelling. There is a set of these, all of which I love. I don’t know if I would keep one on the kitchen counter, maybe the guest bedroom?

I strongly advise a visit to the website and if there is ever an exhibition near you, it’s a must see.



Yoann Lemoine

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This guy is a God of just about every creative genre there is. As he says

“…..mainly working as a film director in media such as video, 8 to 35mm film, 2D and 3D animation, Stop Motion, photography, illustration, painting, screen printing, sculpture, collage, knitting, holograms, and more… I’m a very curious person, constantly looking for avenues of expression that combine those different mediums.

Call me a do-it-yourselfer.”

I ran across his work first when I saw his filmclip for ‘Iron’. For this song/filmclip Lemoine sings, plays, directs, produces and is probably the owl too. As a musician, he goes by the name Woodkid.  It is one of the best filmclips I have seen in a while. The song is pretty fantastic too. When watching this clip, I advise bigify and loudify.

Lemoine has won awards all over for lots of stuff, the list is impressive for such a small time scale but I’m not going to go through it all – for details go here

Other film clips he has done are ‘Evergreen’- Axelle Renoir, ‘Mistake’-Moby,  ‘Teenage Dream’-Katy Perry, ‘Back to Decemaber’-Taylor Swift. As I am not a fan of the last 2, you can go watch them yourself, the clips are great, thats all I can say. ‘Evergreen’, on the other hand, is a beautiful song and a beautiful fimclip. As this one was created using and I am not particularly knowledgeable about this site/company, I have been unable to find out who, exactly the artist/s are. But it was directed by Lemoine.

For those of us who are hardcore internet followers, Lemoine’s film for the AIDS Awareness campaign, GRAFFITI, has been seen more than 10 million times on Youtube. This is one he won lots of awards for. It is probably not good for under 18’s though.

There is bucketloads of photography too, if you’re interested. Check out his site, its chock full of goodies. This is one guy worth keeping an eye on.

interview 1 –

interview 2 –


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I love this work, so much motion in so little detail.

I find it fascinating the styles that lend themselves to street art. Who would have thought of an earthy toned narwhal on a brick wall? But it works and its beautiful. The colours in this guys work are suggestive of a kids playroom, i dont think I would put them there myself, there is something un-kid-like about the work, it could be the blank white eyes or the fact that not one of the animals is happy. Nevertheless, I would hang it on my wall.

I will definately keep my eye out for more work from this guy, intriguing. I cant fathom the brain behind the work, though I love it, I would like to know more.

Nior Interview

Kate MacDowell

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This is some of the more beautiful and intricate art work I have ever seen. I have always had a soft spot for Porcelain work, it has a delicacy and elegance about it which is belied by its permanance. The newer art I have seen made from porcelain tends to the morbid, interesting side of life; as if this beautiful material needs to be opposed in some way.

Kate MacDowell has combined these opposites exquisitely, creating work that at first is incredibly beautiful and stark and then with further viewing, gratuitous detail is found. Trying to find a favourite to give an example in this post was too difficult, there is no favourite. So I add more!

Porcelain Rabbit


“I hand sculpt each piece out of porcelain, often building a solid form and then hollowing it out.  Smaller forms are built petal by petal, branch by branch and allow me the chance to get immersed in close study of the structure of a blossom or a bee.  I chose porcelain for its luminous and ghostly qualities as well as its strength and ability to show fine texture.  It highlights both the impermanence and fragility of natural forms in a dying ecosystem, while paradoxically, being a material that can last for thousands of years and is historically associated with high status and value.  I see each piece as a captured and preserved specimen, a painstaking record of endangered natural forms and a commentary on our own culpability. “
Kate MacDowell

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