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Ewan McLeod

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Ewan McLeod

I have always wanted to be able to paint like this. The built up textures and the brush stokes which somehow add up to an image. There is so much movement here, and calm. Absolutely love this artist! Thank you Decanted for posting this!


Sitting in River /

Above White Island / 

Up and Down / 

Descending Snow and Rocks /

Dinghy below Icefall /

Rip /

Sitting on Dinghy below Rough Sea /

Seated Figure below Rock Pillar /

Walking Towards Thunderhead /

Sitting with Penguins /

Passing (iceberg) /

Lookout (Icebergs) / 

Painting in Alice Springs /

Self Portrait (Blue Centre) /

Two in Boat (one standing) /

Pushing Pram Uphill/study /

Painter against Griselda / 

Bathing Figure in Profile /

Creeping study

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John Reuss

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Love this guy’s style. Wish I could translate the video!

power of h Weblog

Like a dance. With veils. Hundreds of veils of light. Revealing reality. Fascinating work. Makes you want to try your hand at his technique. In short, I love this artist’s work. Or maybe its my vertigo.

john reuss 6[3]john reuss 9[3]John Reuss2John Reuss4John Reuss5John Reuss6John Reuss7john_reuss_3JohnReuss_web01-770x394johnreuss1

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